How to Improve Digestion

Eat slower and chew food better. The digestion process starts in the mouth. Eat fruit on an empty stomach. Fruit digests quickly and other foods, especially proteins, take longer to digest. Eat foods that digest well together. Food combining systems detail foods that are complementary for your digestive system.

Eat your meal while sitting down on the dining table and don't forget to chew your food thoroughly. Eating several small meals during the day instead of only two or three large ones can also reduce the burden on your body and speed up digestion. Eating while you are working, driving, or watching a disturbing program or the evening news can create stress that does not benefit the digestive process. Another good reason to avoid arguments, lectures, and confrontations at the dinner table is that when these things occur stress is caused on all members gathered around the table, which means everyone, is eating while being stressed.

Eating fibrous food will assist the digestive system to digest the food efficiently. Include foods like blueberries, strawberries, dried plums, dried apricots etc. Eating with chopsticks enable you to control your eating pace and bite size and makes you eat with more attention. Eaten the right way , fruit is extremely beneficial to the human body. A 3-day fruit fast can do a world of good by cleansing the body of toxins and helping the digestive system to slow down .

Eating most meat results in the body needing to work much harder to process what we eat and it never gets fully absorbed. The waste sticks to the colon and clogs it up. Eating one orange and a cup of grapes everyday can really improve one?s digestion. Eat your meals in a more relaxed state; take your time; supplement your diet with digestive enzymes and HCL; drink less. It’s your choice!

Salivary glands function to give enough saliva to the food. But many a times due to insufficient chewing the food is taken in large chunks, giving the burden to inner digestive organs to break down. Saliva contains some enzymes which begin the breakdown of starches and fats while they are still in our mouth. Saliva contains some enzymes which begin the breakdown of starches and fats while they are still in the mouth.

Eat more fiber and drink plenty of water every day. Keep your metabolism steady so try to avoid stress and anxiety.
Drinking water regularly will improve your digestion. Drinking a cup of pineapple juice after a meal usually helps to alleviate some amount of discomfort. A mixture of ginger juice, lemon juice and honey also works well in relieving indigestion . Drink a warm glass of water every morning. Put some lemon and honey in the water.

Fiber helps in eliminating constipation as well, so your stomach is clean for the next intake of food. Fiber helps move food through the digestive system and automatically stimulates the digestive process . Cardamom added in tea also helps in relieving headaches caused due to indigestion.
Avoid food covered in creamy sauces or deep fried fare. Grilled chicken and vegetables, a tuna salad, or even a plain burger with a salad are better alternatives. Avoid triggers, like alcohol, for heartburn.